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Products are available to order by the yard, with custom specs, and/or color variations to fit your project needs - email to connect - hello@wynwoodwallpapers 

  • Pricing is by roll, measuring 52” x 120”
  • Pattern horizontal repeat every 26"/ verticle repeat every 36"
  • Material: Traderoute White VinylAbaco Shamwa White
  • Microbial (mold and mildew) resistant
  • Water-based inks, VOC free, PVC-free
  • Highly durable and fade resistant
  • Washable with mild soap and water
  • Class A fire-rated
  • Commercial graded, type II wallcoverings
  • Made in Wynwood of Miami, Florida


The Design Inspiration Behind Fond Fronds

"We take great delight in being surrounded by foliage and have always admired the dense hedges and shadows created by the palms prevalent in Miami's landscape. We're also especially keen to the city's iconic architectural color palette and deco aesthetic. Naturally, when approached to design a wallpaper we wanted to bring the outside in, to create spaces that encapsulate the Miami palette while alluding to being surrounded by nature."


About Nice’n Easy

Nice’n Easy is a collaborative endeavor by artists Allison Matherly and Jeffrey Noble. Focused on creating immersive mixed media installations, Nice’n Easy develops a visually cohesive subtropical vernacular with their material choices and use of repeated motifs. Often referencing themes of self-help, recovery and interpersonal dependency, their fabricated environments utilize romantic tropes to enhance the collective emotive truisms between participants and create a platform for intimate exchange.

copy of Nice'n Easy - Fond Fronds

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